A few years ago, I shot B. Dolan in Hull when he was supporting Scroobius Pip on his Distraction Pieces tour. During the first song the P.A blew a fuse, the lights went out and everything went quiet. Rather than leave the stage, B. stayed put, the audience went quiet and for some reason (which to this day I can't remember why) I switched over to video mode on my camera and pressed record. B. Then went on to perform this and blew me and everyone there away. 

I remember coming home and listening to this over and over, telling everyone about how great the show was. I put the video out on Vimeo, but got a request from B. personally to pull it (which obviously I did), meaning very few people outside of those who heard him perform it live got to hear this, until now.

To mark the 20th Anniversary of the seminal Return to the 36 Chambers this "Poem about Ol' Dirty Bastard, in the style of Bob Dylan" finally gets an official video release. My footage, completed with some great motion graphics by Alex Dobbin is something I am really happy to see out there.