"They say a pictures worth a thousand words, so with these thousand words, let me paint a picture in your mind that breaks the rule of thirds." Scroobius Pip.

The internet is a wonderful thing, it's the thing that brought you here. As a musician it gives you a way to get your music out to a greater audience than ever before, but everyone else is doing the same. So how can you make yourself stand out? It is all down to self promotion. You need to be hitting your social media hard, playing live as much as possible and making friends and influencing people whenever and wherever you go.

Just as important are your photos. Are they shot by a professional photographer with a quality portfolio, or are they shot by your friend or acquaintance with that "Pro" level camera? There is a reason that all your favourite bands look cool in their images and a lot of the time it isn't because they are cool, it is down to the fact they have hired a photographer who knows how to make them look their best. You spent ages writing that amazing tune, but you leave your visual presence to the nearest person with a camera?

I know it is easy for you to see this as a sales pitch (you're right, partly it is) but we live in a visual world. Whether you like to admit it or not, you need to look the part. Before they even hear a note, the first thing that a label boss, a promoter, a potential fan will know about you is how you look. Your image (like it or not) will influence your listeners ears even before they have heard a note. What are you telling them? Are you saying "we take the whole craft seriously, understand the importance of marketing and promotion as well as the music and look cool doing it"? Or, are you saying "This is how we look through an iPhone when we go down the pub"? The average festival promoter will see hundreds of press kits for a handful of festival spots. In cases like this, professional photos and artwork are hugely important. It will immediately help get you noticed and stand out from the crowd.

Add up how much your band have spent on equipment, then add up the amount you have spent on your artwork and photography. I know that a good set of press shots costs money, but in the same way that distortion pedal makes that solo sound just right, a decent set of press images will help get your band's music into the ears of a lot more people, especially those who you want to listen to your stuff.

Think of photos as an investment in your band, the same way a new piece of equipment is. They will last and they will make you stand out as a band who understand the importance of image and marketing, which in the eyes of promoters and labels make you a much more attractive proposition.


I offer a simple and transparent pricing for unsigned bands. This means you know exactly what you are getting and what it will cost. Prices start at under £200. Just get in touch and book your shoot today.



This includes a 90 minute photoshoot either in my studio space or at 1 prearranged location. You will receive 10 fully processed images from the shoot in a variety of sizes. If you book a promo photoshoot you can add a live shoot for only £75.



This includes full coverage of one gig at a pre-arranged venue. You will receive 10 fully processed images from the shoot in a variety of sizes. 



This includes a 3 hour photoshoot at 2-3 pre arranged locations. You will receive 20 fully processed images from the shoot. In addition to this, you will also receive a free live shoot adding an extra 10 images for your promotional needs. If you book this promo photoshoot you can add a live shoot for only £50.